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It might seem difficult to believe, but despite the fact that it is just some 10 miles away from the shores of Europe, large portions of Morocco remained an almost complete mystery to the Western world right until the beginning of the twentieth century. Legendary Tangiers, the minarets of Fes, the gardens and groves of Marrakech, the fortified shores of Essaouira, and the vision of the white snowed peaks of the Atlas, were almost the only things that some Westerners (not many) had had access to until then; the descriptions of these wonders reaching Europe, and the tales about the mysterious bled siba (the vast regions escaping the authority of Sultans) appealed to the imagination of Westerners for centuries, as a cradle of a civilisation that had been able to create the splendours and the sensuality of Al Andalous.


Today, Morocco is a vibrant and modern country, yet retaining its mystery and exoticism; a country with cities with an unique atmosphere of their own, but also a country where the rural world has changed very little in centuries; a rich and diverse melting pot of cultures, peoples, and landscapes. Most things are possible in Morocco: one can wander through the narrow and labyrinthine alleys of a medieval city, passed by donkeys loaded with fruits and fresh vegetables in the morning; and enjoy a cocktail in the most sophisticate and chic urban bar one could imagine in the afternoon. Travelling through Morocco is travelling back and forwards in time, encountering smells, sights and sounds that one thought forgotten, the simple pleasures of life; it is also a return to the excitement of finding new, unexpected things, of finding oneself in the midst of that which is different, of sharing the enthusiasm and vitality of a society full of the future, and yet deeply rooted in its legendary past – a society of men and women full of warmth, to whom hospitality and a welcoming smile towards foreigners are regarded as sacred duties.


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” To visit Morocco is like turning the pages of some illuminated
Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright
shapes and subtle lines”

Edith Warthon, In Morocco