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Based in Marrakech, Mountain Voyage Morocco was originally created in 2006 with the aim to provide tailor made land arrangements and services to Kasbah du Toubkal, an award winning sustainable mountain retreat in the High Atlas owned by Discover Ltd in England, which has been operating in Morocco since 1978, and Berber guide Hajj Maurice. Selouane Berrada, an influential Moroccan entrepreneur with great knowledge of local providers, completed our founders’ team.

The lack of reliable companies of this class in Morocco, and the enthusiasm of our staff, led to the rapid development and expansion of Mountain Voyage as a first class provider of ground arrangements all over the country for other travel agencies and tour operators worldwide.

From its very beginning, Mountain Voyage has been embedded with the Kasbah’s values of sustainability and love of Morocco and its traditions, with an emphasis on authentic local experiences. We pride ourselves in having successfully run the difficult path that enables a DMC to acquire the necessary experience and contacts to operate in a challenging country such as Morocco.


A recommended Virtuoso onsite since 2007, PURE exhibitors since 2009, and Magellan Travel Group preferred suppliers since 2010, Mountain Voyage Morocco works for an ever increasing selection of many of the top agencies, tour operators, and travel designers in U.S., Canada, South and Central America, Russia, Australia, U.K., Asia, and Northern Europe.

Whether you are an agent looking for a reliable partner in Morocco, or a traveller in search of unforgettable experiences, Mountain Voyage is here to help you discover all the magic that this wonderful country has to offer.

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Expertise and Experience

Over a decade of experience and deep local insights ensure top-notch, tailored travel experiences.


Sustainability and Authenticity:

Committed to sustainable tourism, we offer genuine experiences that reflect Morocco’s rich traditions.


Global Recognition and Trustqui

Trusted by top travel agencies worldwide, with endorsements from Virtuoso, PURE, and the Magellan Travel Group.

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It might seem difficult to believe, but despite the fact that it is just some 10 miles away from the shores of Europe, large portions of Morocco remained an almost complete mystery to the Western world right until the beginning of the twentieth century. Legendary Tangiers, the minarets of Fes, the gardens and groves of Marrakech, the fortified shores of Essaouira, and the vision of the white snowed peaks of the Atlas, were almost the only things that some Westerners (not many) had had access to until then; the descriptions of these wonders reaching Europe, and the tales about the mysterious bled siba (the vast regions escaping the authority of Sultans) appealed to the imagination of Westerners for centuries, as a cradle of a civilisation that had been able to create the splendours and the sensuality of Al Andalous.


Today, Morocco is a vibrant and modern country, yet retaining its mystery and exoticism; a country with cities with an unique atmosphere of their own, but also a country where the rural world has changed very little in centuries; a rich and diverse melting pot of cultures, peoples, and landscapes. Most things are possible in Morocco: one can wander through the narrow and labyrinthine alleys of a medieval city, passed by donkeys loaded with fruits and fresh vegetables in the morning; and enjoy a cocktail in the most sophisticate and chic urban bar one could imagine in the afternoon. Travelling through Morocco is travelling back and forwards in time, encountering smells, sights and sounds that one thought forgotten, the simple pleasures of life; it is also a return to the excitement of finding new, unexpected things, of finding oneself in the midst of that which is different, of sharing the enthusiasm and vitality of a society full of the future, and yet deeply rooted in its legendary past – a society of men and women full of warmth, to whom hospitality and a welcoming smile towards foreigners are regarded as sacred duties.

Get in touch and let us know about your requirements. Morocco has everything to surpass the expectations of travellers, whatever their interests; and the necessary infrastructures to host special events small or large.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are here to help your dreams come true.

“Morocco is like a tree whose roots lie in Africa but whose leaves breathe in European air.”

Hassan II, King of Morocco

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us”

Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

“La seule chose qui rend la vie digne d’être vécue est la possibilité de vivre de temps en temps un moment parfait. Et peut-être plus encore, c'est avoir la capacité de se remémorer de tels moments dans leur totalité, de les contempler comme des joyaux.”

Paul Bowles, La maison de l'araignée.

“To visit Morocco is like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines”

Edith Warthon, In Morocco

“Marrakesh is simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon”

Winston Churchill

Our Trips


Escapade to the desert

Day 1: Casablanca – Marrakech

After breakfast, you will be transferred by car to Ouarzazate. You will cross the Atlas through the pass of Tizi Tichka, the highest passage of Morocco and, indeed, of all of North Africa. The route offers wonderful photo opportunities including the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Aït Benhaddou, where movies such as Gladiator and Jesus of Nazareth were filmed.

Day 2: – Marrakech – Ouarzazate

After breakfast, you will be transferred by car to Ouarzazate. You will cross the Atlas through the pass of Tizi Tichka, the highest passage of Morocco and, indeed, of all of North Africa. The route offers wonderful photo opportunities including the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Aït Benhaddou, where movies such as Gladiator and Jesus of Nazareth were filmed.

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imperial cities great south and the coast

Day 1: – Casablanca

On arrival into Casablanca airport, you will be welcomed by your guide, and transferred chauffeur driven to your hotel in the city.

Day 2: – Casablanca – Fes

Morning visit of the remarkable Hassan II mosque, one of only two mosques in Morocco open to non Muslims. Built by the late King Hassan II at the end of his 40-year reign, this astounding edifice is larger than Saint Peter’s in Rome and capable of holding 80,000 worshippers.
Continue to the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, sprawled over a wildflower-dotted hillside. Excavated by the French in 1915, these Roman ruins date back to the 3rd century AD....

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Marrakech and the outh

Day 1: – Marrakech

On arrival into Marrakech airport, you’ll be chauffeur driven to your accommodation. Marrakech enjoys a legend status which conveys the ideas of mystery, sensuality, and exoticism. Its influence has been so strong and intense in the history of Morocco, that as a matter of fact the country was named after the city, and not the other way round. Marrakech was founded in 1062 by one of the chieftains of the Almoravid king Youssuf Ibn Tashfin. The Almoravids were desert warriors, very much attached to their Islamic religion; the original garrison developed very quickly into a city where numerous mosques and madrasas (Koranic schools) were built. Andalousian craftsmen built and decorated several palaces, merging their style with the Saharan and African traditions, which gave the city a distinctive architectural flavour. The Almoravids also erected the city walls, and created a complex system of underground irrigation canals to bring water from the High Atlas, the khettara – a system still in use to water the several gardens of the city.

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